15-minute Writing Session

Hi, everyone. Here is the result of a 15-minute writing session I did today. Thanks for reading! Worth noting after writing it: I saw It with friends yesterday.

My bike rested against the chain link fence. The decrepit house slumped in its overgrown lot. Its wood blackened and gaps in window boards sucked in the outside sunlight.

“C’mon, Howie, let’s go.”

My little sister hung onto her handlebars with their streaming ribbons.

“Maddie, it’s fine. It’s just an old house.”

A window shutter slapped the siding, making both of us jump. Maddie worried gaze begged me to lead us down the street and closer to home.

“It’s just the wind.”

The afternoon sun gradually dimmed to its rosy dusk color.

“Sure it is, Howie.”

She made tiny grunts as her tiny legs pressed into her pedals. Her rickety training wheels rattled beside her back tire.

“What’s that?” she asked, stopping.


I followed her eyes to the upstairs window above the kicked-in front door. A shadow hung in the corner of the window. It slowly sunk away. A chill ran up my spine.

“Something’s in there,” I said.

“Howie, let’s go home.”

I ran to my bike and yanked it toward the street. Its handlebar and right pedal were wedged in the chain link fence.

“C’mon! C’mon!”

I fought with the fence, pulling on my bike.


Maddie pointed at the house. The shadow hung in the doorway. Light passed through it. A black shadow gliding to the edge of the house’s inner darkness.

The sidewalk fence snapped open. Its rusty hinges screeched. Maddie’s shrieking matched their pitch and ripping tone. Her feet slammed backward on her brakes as her bike rolled toward the gate.

I abandoned my bike and raced for my sister.

“Maddie, jump off!”

“I can’t!”

Her bike’s front tire hit the curb and hopped up onto the sidewalk. She rolled for the heart of the abandoned house with its ghostly host waiting for her at the door.


I jumped, grabbing for her. My elbows crashed to the rough sidewalk, cutting them up. Maddie passed right in front of me, catching an invisible boost through the gate’s threshold.


The gate swung shut and closed with a heavy clasp.

I pushed myself off the ground and shook the gate. It felt cemented shut. Maddie neared the front stoop’s lower set. An inhuman groan droned out from the house. Desperate, I gripped the crest of the gate and swung myself into the yard.




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