Sources of Inspiration

Hey, friends!

Hope you’re all doing well! As I sat down to write this week’s delayed blog post, I considered multiple topics, but I landed on this one: sources of inspiration. As artists, we’re constantly looking for it or generating it ourselves. I personally find my inspiration from witnessing others’ work. A well-written movie or book amps me up to work on my own. A powerful piece of satire that also holds a heartfelt moment = gold to me.

The point is, find whatever it is that motivates you and chase it. For me, it’s seeing others stories. Music is also a huge inspiration for me. As a storyteller and sketch comedy writer/performer, I can’t help but see how a certain song would be a great soundtrack to a scene or a transition song that encapsulates my sketch’s theme. For me, seeing others create their own work and put it out into the world motivates me to do the same.

If you can’t find external inspirations, turn inward. Inspire yourself. What do you want to say? What do you enjoy? Why do you enjoy doing it? What gives you the greatest happiness? Channel that into your work, and if nothing else, just do it. Create something. Give yourself the permission to make crap. Keeping a journal or collection of ideas and work will give you something to work off of for larger projects.

A journal is your space to retain ideas that will fade from memory as quickly as they’re conceived, and it’s a work space to be unapologetically you. I currently have four in my backpack — each set for particular writing projects: my novel, sketch revues, digital content (shorts, movies, TV/web series), and miscellaneous.

So, quick recap, find your sources of inspiration and surround yourself with them. I highly recommend one of them being yourself if it isn’t already. Trust yourself when you work. If you are inspired by someone else’s work, I recommend thinking about what core values, themes, or styles you admire about their work and then move forward with your own project, focusing on that principle. Do not replicate someone else’s work; make your own that’s in the genre of theirs.

Good luck out there and make cool stuff!


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