Always Working

If you’re a creative, you work every day. Likely. Everyone has their own routines and frequencies. I, for one, try my best to write every day. The hard part is working a job to financially support yourself until your passion starts paying the bills. As a creative, you never “clock out.”

This is important to remember when feeling burnt out. Over the past three months or so, I’ve felt spent when it came to working on my novel. I’ve circled the drain again– writing but unsure of any progress. So, I keep writing. I place myself back into scenes and explore them again from memory. And that’s just work on my first novel. I also want to write a screenplay, put up more sketch comedy shows in Chicago, act in TV/Film, and secure representation by a talent agency.

I know I shoot for the stars, if not the whole Milky Way. People have told me multiple times that I try to do too much and need to be patient for success.

One, okay. I’ll try.

Two, why?

Why do I need to pump the brakes on ambitions I have? Sure, I’ve felt burnt out as of late, but that’s nothing compared to the self-criticism and contempt I’d have if I stopped. I would feel idle and like I was wasting time. It’s also disheartening to go an extra mile or two on creative projects, be told by respected peers and professionals that I’m ready, then be told to wait. So, I’ll keep moving forward full steam. What other option do I have? Because at the end of the day, I want to leave behind a legacy of work and moments that I’m proud of and make a difference. Slowing myself down will only short myself of material to leave behind.

Finally, I love it. That’s why I work as hard as I do.


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