15-minute Writing Challenge

Hey, everyone! Here is a 15-minute writing challenge I did for myself. This time, I decided I’m only going to use dialogue. This is a new story that spurs from this moment as I sit down to write.

Give it a read below:

“Give it here.”
“The hammer?”
“Yeah, I need to get this nail out.”
“Storm’s coming in.”
“Looks cool over the water.”
“You ever been here before?”
“Yeah, Florida.”
“Once. For my aunt’s wedding in Tallahassee.”
“That’s nice.”
“Yeah, they live outside of Orlando now.”
“How long you been here?”
“I’d say about ten years now. You?”
“Just the summer.”
“You came at a busy time.”
“So I see.”
“Still need that hammer.”
“Right. Sorry.”
“Thank you.”
“Storm’s getting closer. Feel that wind?”
“It’ll snatch your house right up off the foundation. Seen it two times with my own eyes.”
“Jesus is right. I was talking to him the entire storm– praying my house stayed put.”
“You never thought about moving?”
“And leave this view? Screwdriver.”
“Screwdriver. Please.”
“Shane, how many boards do we need?”
“As many as this boat gives us.”
“How long you have it?”
“Made it when I was sixteen. My dad made it with me. It was our evening project after dinner.”
Large Marge?
“Dad liked the Pee-Wee Herman movie when we finished it. Thought it was funny to say he was meeting Large Marge at the beach. Didn’t help that Marge McCleary ran the post office in town.”
“People thought he was talking about her?”
“They never said it out loud. Careful. The waves start swooping in.”
“I’ve never seen clouds like that.”
“You shouldn’t. We should be inside.”
“We should go.”
“Here. Help me lift these.”
“Careful. They’ll give you splinters. Lift with your legs.”
“How far’s the truck?”
“Parking lot?”
“C’mon, Marge.”
“We don’t have time to board up the windows.”
“We’ll board them from the inside.”
“All right?”
“Just needed a better grip.”
“Almost there. I see it.”
“What brought you to Florida for the summer?”
“My grandma. She’s getting up there, and I wanted to spend my summer somewhere that wasn’t Iowa.”
“Your grandma’s a great lady.”
“Thanks. I just hope her house holds.”
“I got a saw in the bed. We can split the wood when we get to my place.”
“You sure?”





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