What a Week

This week, I turned 24 and opened Science Fiction Trouble Feature, Huggable Riot’s 11th sketch revue at The Annoyance Theater. SFTF is a show that takes the audience through a myriad of satire and sketch comedy on current topics– all told through the lens of genre and its B-Movie theme. I love it. I’ve never been prouder of a show I’ve been apart of and helped create.

This show is important to me because I pushed myself to play characters different from myself. For a comedian, there are still times where I’m embarrassed to look goofy in front of the audience. In taking a step back, I always realize ISN’T THAT THE F***ING POINT?! Our material is smart. We utilize transitions to heighten our storytelling. Plus, our cast likes each other and has fun in every scene. Our opening night was strong and audience members are still talking about it as a whole and their favorite scenes. As an artist, hearing someone blown away by your work and your ensemble’s skill means a lot. Your work landed and effected someone.

As we move forward, I aim to deliver the top performance I can for every audience so that each one may receive this show at its maximum force and comedy.

In terms of writing, I’ve had a spotty writing routine the past few weeks since finishing my full draft of Harvest. I’m working occasionally on pages for its untitled sequel and contemplating reading through the first book so I can focus in on rewrites. Is it still too soon to revisit it for rewrites? It’s weird feeling unmotivated when I know there’s still work to do. I guess my mind’s probably grabbing at straws as to what to do next. What’s a short-term goal/plan I can adhere to for the next few months.

At the end of the day, I must remind myself that I’m a novelist. I accomplished something I’ve wanted since I was a kid, whether it’s published yet or not, and I will keep working on it and other stories until they are in print too. For now, I will keep writing when I can, try to formulate an action plan for rewrites/sequel development, and enjoy the remainder of Science Fiction Trouble Feature‘s run at The Annoyance. If you can, please come see it! I’ve attached the poster below. Design by Elissa Shortridge.

Science Fiction Trouble Feature Show Poster




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