Getting in the Revision Mindset

I’m in a rut this week. I’m having a hard time beginning the second draft of Harvest. In my mind, I have a full manuscript finally— why would I want to tamper with it? I feel married to the material in the first draft when it’s still too early to feel attached to the work. Imagine what possibilities are there for scenes and character development that my mind has shut out with this comfortable mindset.

Instead, I’ve been finding myself escaping into the ethers of the internet the past few days. Last night, I researched campers for four hours when I could’ve used that time to write, read a friend’s novel, or memorize lines for an upcoming show. Today, while I’m writing this blog post, I’m watching drum line cadence videos. I was a drum major for two years. The past two days have been filled with me immersing myself in two former passions: music and camping.

Anyway, back to writing, I’m finding myself reluctant to sit down and write. The worst part about it is that I have more time than usual lately. I guess I’ve learned that I fit my creative endeavors into my life better when I am pressed for time to fit them in. Since completing the first draft of Harvest, I have plunged about twenty pages into an untitled sequel. I like the tone of it a lot, and I like being able to jump right into the story and the characters without needing to set-up so much information.

I’ve heard from numerous friends and author articles that you should take time off from your book when you initially draft it. I get that. It helps you return to the work with an objective eye. However, when is the right time to come back? If I’m already dabbling in a sequel, do I finish that and then return to the first one? My fear is that if I don’t return to working on rewrites, I’ll lose the motivation to see it through.

Today, I’ll try rewriting scenes in my notebook. I’ll return to my initial writing technique of handwriting. Cool. That’s the plan. I’m off.

Good luck out there, everybody!


2 thoughts on “Getting in the Revision Mindset

  1. I feel you! Especially hard to be indoors when it’s sunny and lovely out there! (I live in MN, so it is basically a cardinal sin to be inside when it’s not winter! I say take a month–30 days off from your story–go camping and listen to music and drum and read about music and camping and drummers, and then come back to your draft. You’ll see it with a whole new perspective. Good luck!

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    • Thank you, lyla! I appreciate your thoughts! I’m giving myself time from my first novel. I might delve deep into the rewrites once fall comes around, which is the time frame my novel takes place, to get myself back in the mindset. Best wishes on your own work!


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