Epilogue: Now What?


One of the coolest words I finally got to write in my first novel. I’m almost within arm’s distance of the finish line. It hasn’t sunk in really that I will likely¬†finish it within a week.

I’ve worked on this book practically every day for the past three years. I’ve filled eight notebooks with handwritten material, restarted it twice, and now I have an epilogue left until I have a full first draft. A draft intended to be readable from page one to the end. I’m proud. I feel accomplished and I haven’t technically finished the thing yet.

I’m sharing this today to encourage any of you, especially first-time novelists, that you can do this. Focus on small, achievable goals every day and you can reach a finish line. Now that my story is pretty well sketched out, I look forward to revisiting it as a whole to strengthen its structure, my characters’ relationships, and progression between chapters. Fun fact: I have few “chapter” breaks at the moment. I mostly use page breaks and time jumps.

Keep doing it! Hopefully by next Wednesday, I will be updating you all on the final word count of my first novel’s complete first draft.


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