Nearing an End: Approaching Completion of My First Novel

I feel myself nearing the end of my first novel. The momentum is exciting and unreal as a childhood dream of mine is about to become reality. As I plow through the final plot points, I’m mentally preparing myself for that moment of initial completion. I will set aside the impending revision processes, the revised drafts of this book, and remaining hurdles I must complete to attain publication. Right now, I’m working toward the approaching moment where I can say, “I wrote a book.”

This week, I had the privilege to visit my high school theatre teacher, Wendy, and do a Q&A for her students. I enjoy talking with people, especially when it comes to working towards one’s passion, even more so when they pertain to writing and performing. This year, I’ve come into my own in identifying as an artist. A working artist. I’m able to bust my ass every week as a full-time part-timer and still juggle the rehearsal, production, and performances of three simultaneous shows. Add finishing a novel into the mix and one understands why my shoulders are always rock hard and almost brushing my ears. However, at the end of the day, I’m happy. I’m doing the things I wanted and set out for in life. I’m a storyteller.

In doing this blog, I get to share in this process with you, my kind reader. Thank you for following me in this journey. I hope my plights and triumphs help you feel understood and optimistic in your own aspirations. I’m glad I stuck with it. As I write this, my diploma from Columbia College Chicago stares down at me from atop my bookcase. I’m still proud that I committed myself to this career, studied those specific fields, and still apply them today as I’m two weeks away from my two-year anniversary of graduation.

In the middle of writing this post, I stumbled down an internet wormhole around writers residencies. I’m down and currently bookmarking every one that sounds interesting to me. If you’re an artist of any kind, please do yourself a favor and search for artist residencies in your chosen field. Most residencies are covered in full or provide a work-study environment while providing you with the uninterrupted space, time, and resources to complete a personal project. From what I’m seeing most writing residencies span either a month-long or 7-9 months. That’s a pretty sweet gig for giving yourself the freedom to immerse yourself in your work.

Writing Residencies Lists:
– Aerogramme Writers’ Studio

Keep working hard out there!


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