10 Things to Do on Your Day Off

As someone juggling longs hours of work, writing a novel, writing sketch shows, and improvising around Chicago, it’s easy to feel overbooked. Here are 10 things you can try on your day off:

  1. Sleep. Turning off your alarm does wonders.
  2. Read. Take a moment to sit and tune out the rest of the world.
  3. Walk to run an errand. Get outside and experience some sunlight. Working nights or spending most of the day inside at work affects your mood and productivity after a while.
  4. Hangout with a friend.
  5. Go see that movie everyone’s talking about. Or that obscure one you really want to see.
  6. Make a PB&J.
  7. Go home. Visit your hometown and your family if you have the option. If not, call them.
  8. Clean. You’ll feel productive, and your living space will feel more welcoming. An uncluttered creative working space makes for a clearer creative mindset.
  9. Write your congressperson.
  10. Nap. Still can’t stress the importance of rest.

So here’s the list that immediately sprung to mind as I write this. Today is not one of my days off, but I look forward to doing some of these things on my next one. Have a good weekend!


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