Things I’ve Learned From Writing:


  1. Trust yourself.
  2. If you’re not excited about your story, neither will your reader.
  3. I support the Oxford Comma.
  4. You don’t need a degree in writing, but you do need the commitment to your craft that can come from formal training.
  5. Your story gets better when you share it with others.
  6. Stories tell themselves if you give your time to them.
  7. Write the story that your heart wants to tell and not the one you think people want to read/buy.
  8. Sure, there will always be better writers than you, but they can’t tell your stories the way you do.
  9. Find time to read.
  10. A daily habit makes it easier.
  11. Small, forward progress is still progress.
  12. Writing is a career with no retirement date.
  13. Reading your work aloud is the best proofreading/revision strategy.
  14. If you’re feeling stuck in your work, try something new–whether that be a writing time, sense imagery, point-of-view, that scene you’re wanting to get to, etc.
  15. Always find the fun. Writing’s work, but you should enjoy it when it’s all said and done.
  16. For comedy writing, find someone who complements/”gets” your humor. Collaborative writing makes better comedy.
  17. No matter your genre, everything should be rooted in emotional honesty.
  18. Use your vocabulary. Don’t overdo it with flowery language to impress people; it’ll read like you just picked words from the thesaurus.
  19. I enjoy the challenge of writing a novel.
  20. Believe in your story and your abilities.

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