Mix It Up

I had a very productive meeting with my friend, Karen, this week. We discussed our novels. She’s getting ready to send off a query letter for her first novel as I continue to rewrite and develop material for mine. It’s exciting to see each other’s stories evolve and deepen over time. 

As those of you reading know, I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like I’m making forward progress with my book. So, Karen challenged me to change my writing routine. I normally sit down and write whatever springs to mind first. Now, I’m continuing from the previous day’s entry. This will hopefully allow me to feel rooted in my story’s build. I also figured out a way to stretch the story’s suspense/tension versus opening the novel in the middle of the action. I want to open with energy, but if I open with too much out of the starting gate, where does that leave me to go?

With going home for Christmas this weekend, I’m looking forward to some much needed rest and downtime with my family. However, I hope to use some time for writing scripts, revising my novel’s plot outline, and continuing in my new routine. 

It took another meeting with a fellow writer and friend to break through a barrier keeping me from shaping my novel into the story I want to tell. I told myself that I would have a completed revised first draft of my novel tomorrow (Christmas Eve) as a present to myself. Today, that is not possible; however, I feel optimistic with this new opening and the trajectory that creates for the first novel’s arc. Moving forward, I will plug in previously written scenes while moving forward in this new chronological routine. I’m excited to see what mixing it up will do for my characters and their story. 

Finally, I also can’t wait to go on vacation in two weeks… and be a person on vacation. My mind and body need it. In the meantime, I look forward to my time at home with family for the holidays as a mini one. 


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