LA Someday

I saw La La Land last night. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it for its sweeping backdrops and ambitious tone throughout. The story is bittersweet in its depiction of Hollywood and trying to triumph in artistic careers.

As a kid, I watched movies and TV shows and longed to be on their sets. Storytelling drew me in and fueled my aspirations to perform/write for film. I’m in no rush to leave Chicago, but part of me feels like I’m wasting time staying here. I feel now is the age to go and chance. If I don’t do it now, what am I waiting for? Opportunities that are potentially available but not promised? Then again, is any of that waiting in LA?

I believe things will happen and work out. They do. It just comes in waves and flows. I’m in a more questioning phase of my creative journey. A certainty phase will surely return.

My 2017 resolutions is to shoot for becoming represented by a Chicago talent agency– hopefully one with LA ties. My younger self dreamed of working in films, and I’ve worked hard to study the skills necessary for that work. I would like to finish a screenplay next year in The Second City’s screenwriting classes. My goal is to create more film/performance opportunities for myself and others as opposed to waiting for others to present themselves.

I hope others wanting to be professional storytellers power-through trying periods. It helps being surrounded by friends who are chasing similar passions and succeeding. It keeps me motivated, hopeful, and in company with people who “get it.” If you want to do this type of work, surround yourself with genuine people doing the same thing. It really helps.


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