2016, You Gotta Go

This week, I completely altered my day-to-day writing process and am seeing positive progress on completing a full draft of my first novel. Excerpt included!


Mix It Up

I had a very productive meeting with my friend, Karen, this week. We discussed our novels. She's getting ready to send off a query letter for her first novel as I continue to rewrite and develop material for mine. It's exciting to see each other's stories evolve and deepen over time.  As those of you … Continue reading Mix It Up

LA Someday

I hope others wanting to be professional storytellers power-through trying periods. It helps being surrounded by friends who are chasing similar passions and succeeding. It keeps me motivated, hopeful, and in company with people who "get it." If you want to do this type of work, surround yourself with genuine people doing the same thing. It really helps.