Novel Excerpt – 11/11/2016

 Fire Light – Harvest Excerpt

   “Witches fought for centuries for the right to live in peace,” Mom said. “And they faced oppression and hate from hunter groups and superstitious people.”

“For good reason, though,” Gwen added, her spoon scraping the inside of her soup can.

“True. They’re afraid because we have a power they don’t. We can literally change reality. Every hardship and killing our kind faced, we persevered and grew stronger.”

“I feel weak right now,” I said.

“We all do,” Mom said, pouring gravy onto the fire’s coals. It hissed as it trickled onto the rocks. “But, look. We’re here together. They hate us out of fear of what we’re capable of. We have a power that they only dream of, which is why we have to stay strong. We have to remind ourselves of that power when times become their darkest.”

“Love beats hate,” I whispered.

“What was that, Kathryn?”

“Love beats hate.”

“Always say that loud enough to hear and confident enough to believe.”

“We’ll be okay,” Gwen said.

“No matter how awful things get,” Mom started; her eyes shimmered in the firelight, “No matter how violent or cold their fear turns them, remember your personal power.”

“We’ll come out on the other side,” I said, gazing up at the wash of stars through the tree tops.

“And look around,” Mom said. “Each of us is not alone. When we realize that, we can stop those committing such hateful acts against people like you and me and others.”

“We’re strong,” Gwen said.

I leaned in toward the fire’s warmth.

“Love beats hate.”

Mom took each of our hands.

“We’re not alone.”


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