Novel Development/Excerpt

I've been plugging away on my novel and put down some thoughts on its development. There's also a brief excerpt for you!


Ugh: Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse – A Review

     A coffee mug left half-finished on the kitchen table tells about someone’s interrupted morning routine. A broken picture frame in the garbage can, with its jingling shards of glass, holds the story of an angry wife finding out about her husband’s affair. One would notice that only the frame is in the garbage; … Continue reading Ugh: Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse – A Review

Kid Logic

Originally written in December 2012     When you’re a kid, everything makes sense. Even what you don’t know makes sense. Your ability to problem-solve and your potential for success relies heavily upon your aptitude in imagination. Say you’re playing Jurassic Park in your front yard beneath the oak tree; velociraptors (the neighborhood kids) are closing … Continue reading Kid Logic


  Originally written on May 15, 2013  Recently published in Voices Literary Magazine - Spring 2016    Like Moses walking through the parted Red Sea, conversations churned on either side of Ben like violent waves. Between the rows of lunch tables, the aisle was calm, peaceful.    The red Penny Drive coffee can huddled close to … Continue reading Collection